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Flavoured wines, the new emerging trend

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Posted on 30 Nov 2016 in Shopper Marketing, Trends, Wine | 0 comments

The facts

1) Just 14% of UK adults see still wine as “fun”, losing out to sparkling varieties and cider.

2) Knowledge about wine is fairly low; 35% of wine buyers say they feel knowledgeable about wine.

3) NPD such as orange/blue wine or wine on tap provide opportunities to inject a sense of fun and visual theatre.

The implications

Still wine is seen to be the least fun compared with sparkling varieties and cider. This indicates that the more conservative image of wine prevails. This suggests that while there is a role for sophistication, still wine should be doing more to push accessibility.

Adults’ demand for fun has been explored undel Mintel’s Play Ethic Trend. This discusses how with adulthood come a new set of responsibilities and how adults are in response looking for ways to indulge and let loose. Marketers can tap into this through playful campaigns that challenge the serious and stoic ways of living, through wine campaigns.

NPD too can play a role here, with innovation such as orange and blue wine potentially appealing to consumers looking for more visual theatre. Similarly, fruitflavoured wines are aiming to provide an entry level to the less experienced wine drinker, with less challenging flavour profiles. A small number of products have also looked to make the wine category easier to navigate and sound more appealing through focusing on a handful of key attributes of the flavour profile on the front of pack, such as describing wines as “bold” or “soft”.

Wine on tap could be an unusual way for the on-trade to revive wine’s waning fortunes there of recent years, the segment being overshadowed by the success of the off-trade. Sparkling wine on tap — initially branded as Prosecco on tap before opposition from Italian winemakers — has shown that there is an appetite for this type of serve among British wine drinkers. On tap wine also provide a point of difference and a bit of novelty or fun for consumers, helping to build on the more staid image of still wine [source: Mintel Report].

Taste Hub has recently introduced a new Flavoured Prosecco range in its product portfolio. The aim is to fulfill the market demand for low ABV and accessible sparkling wines.


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