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Lower/no-alcohol and smaller bottles appeal to health-conscious wine drinkers

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Posted on 15 Feb 2017 in News, Trends, Wine | 0 comments

Some facts

a) Health is a priority, since half of UK consumers place importance on limiting/not drinking alcohol to stay healthy.
b) 12% of UK adults drink lower/non-alcohol still wine (eg 5.5% or lower) in 2016, a strong uplift compared to 2015.
c) 22% of UK adults drink 250ml or less of wine per occasion.
d) Smaller formats of wine appeal to 39% of wine buyers, encouraging them to drink wine more often.


Health is a key reason why many consumers are reducing their alcohol intake. This is thanks to increased consciousness of the dangers linked to drinking, as well as concerns about ‘empty calories’. In January 2016, the government introduced new guidelines for alcohol consumption, which brought recommended weekly consumption down to no more than 14 units for both men and womenWhile many people are limiting the amount of alcohol they drink, this is more likely to be about reducing consumption, rather than giving up. This provides an opportunity for lower/no-alcohol wines and for smaller formats.

Brands are offering more and more lower/no-alcohol wines in order to appeal to the designated driver, pregnant customer and charity abstainer.

Smaller formats are on the move with some notable innovation with the 500ml format. We recognize an untapped opportunity as there is sizable pool of people drinking no more than a large glass of wine per occasion.
[source: Mintel Wine Report Oct. 2016]

We are working to improve our offering in low/non-alcohol wines and small formats. Interested in this sub-category? Get in touch!

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