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Report from IGD Category Management and Shopper Marketing Summit

Posted on 28 Jul 2015 in News, Shopper Marketing, Trends | 0 comments

The IGD Category Management and Shopper Marketing Summit took place on 23rd to 24th June, where 24 speakers from leading retailers and manufacturers share their latest insight and case studies.
The largest event of its kind in Europe, this year’s summit attracted an audience of over 400. These is a sum up of the topics in the conversation.

1. Early collaboration is key
In light of changing shopper habits, it’s becoming more and more important to work better together across businesses and throughout the supply chain.

2. Consider game changers
Although we have to do what’s necessary to satisfy day-to-day shopper needs, we should also find time to work on the things that could step change category performance over the longer term.

3. Digital speed of change
How the latest digital enhancements can be used to drive shopper purchases both online and offline? The basics that still offer scope for huge improvement in most online shopping businesses include product descriptors, accurate segmentation and effective use of taxonomy to help shoppers find your products more easily.

4. Moments of truth
Emphasis on the importance of the two moments of truth with shoppers. Of the two, the point of purchase is probably the most widely understood but have you thought about how you follow your shopper marketing activity through to make sure you deliver when the consumer tastes or uses your product?

5. Put the emotion back into your category
Much of the focus in category management and shopper marketing is on identifying functional benefits for shoppers but emotion is still the most powerful tool available.

6. Meeting changing shopper needs
With the shopper sitting at the heart of any category management or shopper marketing activity, understanding shopper missions has become a fundamental part of the industry’s approach.

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